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Homemade Vanilla Extract

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You can easily make Vanilla Extract at home, if you have time and patience to wait for it. But wait - if you need it right away, we've got a method for that, too!

Prep Time: 10 min

Cook time: NA

Inactive time: 10 weeks of waiting

Yield: 2 cups


  • 6 vanilla beans

  • 2 cups vodka


  1. Cut three vanilla beans in half and slice each piece length-wise to expose the vanilla beans inside.

  2. Place pieces of 3 vanilla beans into each jar and fill to the top with vodka.

  3. Seal tightly with a lid and place it in a cool dry place. Give it a gentle shake every couple of weeks. The vanilla should be ready after about 10 weeks.

  4. Tip: as you use your vanilla extract, top up your jar with more vodka.

Zhuzh it up!

  • There are faster ways to make vanilla using a pressure cooker. Here's a recipe you might like to try. However, we did find it produces a cloudier-looking vanilla extract (and you don't get the added bonus of being able to top up with vodka as you use it).

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