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About the Show

We're friends who enjoy gabbing with each other about what we're cooking. Sometimes we need inspiration or have questions. Or we just want to brag about the awesome food we've created! This led to the idea that maybe other home cooks are searching for a little inspiration, too. And Three Kitchens Podcast was born. 

Every Tuesday Erin and Heather take a deep dive into a recipe, giving ideas and tips for making it work in your home kitchen. We also talk to really interesting guests in the food world, from chefs to entrepreneurs, farmers and bakers. And we love that this platform allows us to promote small business, makers and producers we meet along the way.


On Fridays Heather and Erin are joined by Sarah in short bonus episodes called Speakeasy, featuring cocktail recipes.  


Join us! Let us inspire you to make amazing food along with us. 

Your Hosts 

Three Kitchens Podcast Host Sarah Somasundaram
Three Kitchens Podcast Host Erin Walker

Erin "The Ever-Curious Nerd" Walker

Three Kitchens Podcast Host Heather Dyer

Heather "The Kitchen McGyver" Dyer

Sarah "The Simplifier of Scary Recipes" Somasundaram

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